Love Is All Around Us – 12 Pictures

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Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. There is more love among animals than among people. Those cute creatures don't know how to hate; they are only reacting in a bad way when they have to protect themselves and members of the group. But, they know how to love and when they are in love, they can be absolute romantics.

Lovely Lizards

It is strange how one plant can be the connecting spot for two cute lizards. OK, we agree, maybe lizards are not so popular and loved by people, but is it possible your heart is not ticking stronger when you see the small flower which one of them is keeping for the other? Like all those in love, they are going to crown their love with a kiss on the top of their meeting place. 

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Keep Sharing Love

Love is all about sharing, both good and bad things in life. It is such a beautiful picture when you can see a Cedar Waxwing somewhere. This specific bird with small tips on the wing feathers, which resemble red sealing wax, is like a holiday for your eyes. Be aware that it is not so easy to catch cute moments like this one on the picture. Sharing food is the first sign there are some beautiful feelings between the animals, can you see the beauty of their love?

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Will You Marry Me?

These chipmunks are adorable. Everything looks like this male is asking a female to spend life with him. The flower is there to make the ceremony festive. If we compare this with humans, there is only a ring missing for fulfilling the atmosphere. 

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Who Said Owls Are Not Romantic?

If you thought owls are birds without feelings and the only thing which distinct them in the world of birds are their big eyes, you are wrong. These guys are romantic like any other from the variety of birds in this world. But, one is sure, they look even more beautiful than many of their flying relatives. There is no better feeling than cleaning feathers next to the beak; it is almost like a real kiss. 

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