Look How We Enjoy Taking a Bath - 10 Pics

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Previous cat maybe fits into the sink, but look at him! He's so big and he fit in that little tub. I have to admit, I like the color of that tub and it looks very nice with his champagne color. He's so cute isn't he?

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Author: Hannah Murchie, Description:A dog with very nice champagne colors bathing in a small blue tub

Author: Hannah Murchie

Ooooh, who's that swimming in a tub full of water? This is a real example of school of swimming for pretty and cute kitten. Will she learn to dive too? She could learn to catch fish. Practical, isn't it? Go ahead, kitty! You have our support in swimming, kitty!

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Author: Savahna Bailey, Description: Cat learns to swim in tub full of water like in swimming school

Author: Savahna Bailey

This cute little dog got really dirty. Now he's going on a nice bath! Really beautiful hair and large, tamed eyes. Little ragged puppy! Sweety!

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Author: Esperanza Leon, Description: Because little dog got dirty it's necessary for him to take a bath

Author: Esperanza Leon

Why does this cat sit in a dry tub and sadly but patiently waits? Where is her water? She want to go to school of swimming too! She probably heard me mention catching fish, and she took an interest. Well that may be a good way to persuade pets that don't like taking a bath. Wait a bit kitty, someone will pour you water. We see you are impatient.

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Author: Kaitlyn Johnson, Description: This cat sits in an empty tub and waits someone to pour the water for her so she could learn to swim too

Author: Kaitlyn Johnson

Were they impatient too? Don't worry! This is of course just a joke! We all know that cats hide even in places like this, so your job is to ALWAYS check where your cat is before turning on your washing machine! They are so naughty beings... But also so cute... :)

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Author: Spencer Bailey, Description: Two cats sit in washing machine which is, of course, a joke

Author: Spencer Bailey

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