Look How We Enjoy Taking a Bath - 10 Pics

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Respected guests of Animal's Look, among thousands of photos that arrived during last two years we selected, in our opinion, most beautiful, likable, etc. Let's remind of the photos of your pets, and to all of us, precius beings. Maybe you'll (like me) think: "Oh, I got no luck with pets! They just hate taking bath!". Both cats and dogs do not tolerate even a drop of water on their hair, tail, paw or snout. But actually the fault is mine because I didn't force them to bathe when they were babies. I considered that i should bathe only ducks to get them used to natural conditions. But, I'll talk about them other time. Now I will show you my favorite galery of your pets - those who really enjoy taking a bath. Enjoy yourself too watching them!

This cute ragged cat waits for someone to pour water in order to relaxin warm bath of home SPA center. She would've gone to some other SPA, but she heard that she should give adventage to home ground and home products,so she chose home variant, and she looks pretty satisfied. As I said we just need someone to pour her water!

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Author: Sarah Waltz, Description:Cute ragged cat waits for someone to pour water in her small spa center

Author: Sarah Waltz

Look at this paradise for eyes. As much as this dog enjoys that pool, that much I enjoy watching him happy and smiled. He relaxed in it and probably the only worry he has is will he eat right after the bath or after a short nap. Uh, how difficult decisions for a loved and happy dog!

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Author: Reannon Warr, Description: Dog enjoys in his big pool and happily thinks of lunch

Author: Reannon Warr

I think this cat wants to bathe but she needs some help with the faucet - how does she turn on the relaxing, warm water? Left or right? Cold or Warm? Choose the middle and enjoy!

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Author: Rebecca Von, Description: Cat needs help with the sink which she cannot turn on

Author: Rebecca Von

Hehe Just bathed! Of course, with a special shampoo for dogs. And now the only thing left is drying, combing, and then having some fun. Good boy! 

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Author: Jamie Kasanczuk, Description: Just bathed dog with special shampoo for dogs will be combed after drying

Author: Jamie Kasanczuk

Looks like dimensions of this sink were ordered exactly like the size of this cat. Ha! How perfect she fit in! She just needs someone to pour the water and lather her up and then the whole bathroom will smell. She just knows how to enjoy!

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Author: Lorianne Bowers, Description: Cat perfectly fit into the sink

Author: Lorianne Bowers

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