Look at How We're Hatching Our Secret Mission - 15 Pics

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6. Partly Hiding

You like that girl that walks her dog every day, but you don’t know how to come to her and get to know her. To get started, adopt dog from shelter, and partly hide like this skunk. Well, it’s a start.

Author: Jason Engele, Description: Skunk partially hides in grass next to read because of a secret mission

Author: Jason Engele

7. Hiding

Dog owners always make the first contact easily, as you have a dog it’s not a problem to get to know each other, but what’s next? Watch her from the bush, hidden like this cat. She won’t suspect that you are watching her, because you’re with your pet that likes sneaking around and play hide and seek, and you love it so much that you’d do anything for it. You’ll find out where she lives. It’s something.

Author: Kelsey Bryant, Description: Grey cat is on a secret mission and is hidden behind leaves

Author: Kelsey Bryant

8. Full hiding

By being fully hidden like cat on the photo below, behind the role of your-pet-walker, you’ll easily find out many other things, for example if she’s the only one who is walking the dog or there is someone else… Good luck!

Author: Kerry Anne Mayo, Description: Black cat is on a secret mission and is hidden in an artificial christmas tree

Author: Kerry Anne Mayo

9. Observation

Observation is very important thing for you and for your pet too. This cat is demonstrating the right way for good observation. While you’re looking at her hair, beautiful smile and lovely eyes, your pet is looking too – at its darling, on its own way, not yours! That’s why it’s a true friend!

Author: Kieron Rogers, Description: Colorful cat looks around from christmas tree

Author: Kieron Rogers

10. Observation From the Height

Observation from the height is a great thing for some secret missions. There are only a few ones that look at the sky while they’re walking. Everyone is usually occupied with their steps. So in the giraffe’s height, you can carelessly observe your target’s moving – whatever the target is. This cat shows the optimal way to to this.

Author: Andrew Thelwell, Description: Colorful cat climbed up cristmas tree and looks around from above

Author: Andrew Thelwell

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