Lily the Fox - From Food Farm to Rising Star of the Internet - 12 Images + 1 Video

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Hello guys! My name is Lily (you can find more about my family and me on my Instagram page). As you can see, I’m a small cute red fox. This was me when I was really small. I was born on a farm where many animals are sold for meat. It’s a sad place to be born at, right? I was lucky not to be eaten! This is the moment my new mother found me and brought me to her house. Now, it’s also my house and definitely my favorite lair. It’s where I grew up and where my beautiful family lives. I’ll make sure to introduce you…

I must admit that I am one very, very happy fox. I'm never alone and I'm never bored, because in the house we are always together: my mom, my sisters Molly, Princess and Sheagwa. What can I say - a party every day! Although, I mostly like night parties with good dinner and good music. Life is very joyous. :)

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My sister Molly is a lot bigger than me. She is a Border collie. Only her name says she's an excellent guard. In her company I feel really safe, which meant a lot to me when I was a little baby. Molly is, indeed, a real nanny and the best sister in the world. Well, I do not want you guys to think that I don’t like my other siblings…

Sweet little Princess (she is a sweet little Jack Russell terrier​). Sometimes she’s a little boring creature, but what can you do. She is mine, and I love her very much. There are times we get into arguments (she has a temper), but we always end up playing and cuddling, and that’s what matters – right?

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Little kitten Sheagwa - man, can she be tough to handle… Sometimes she gets angry for no reason and I cannot ask her anything when she is in a state of "resting" (and she does that most of the day). She is one of those silent types and I'm getting on her nerves because I keep talking. She says that she’s sorry I’m not as silent as she is. I do not think I’m such a blabber. Sometimes I do not speak a word for the entire 5 seconds! They say that the foxes are loners and that they don’t really like being in company of other animals. I don’t agree with that – Sheagwais far more “loner silent – type” than I am. But, no matter what - I adore her! When she wants, she can be a great friend.

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We also have some good neighbors - deers Runt, Mom, Baby, and Rain. My mom says it is a good thing that neighbors have confidence in me and that they’re not scared of me at all. I do not know why she keeps mentioning food all the time, as if I was going to eat a little baby neighbor?! Well, of course I would never do that! After all, the baby and I are having great time playing, and I will never harm my buddy, even when we’re playing!

Both mama duck and her ducklings often visit us. My mom is afraid that I’ll think of them as food also, but they don’t seem to be afraid of me. I like walking with them alongside the shore of the lake and watch little ducklings as they learn how to swim. They’re all very fun and very happy bunch!

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As I said before, I love my house. But, sometimes to dig a hole and snuggle in it while I’m playing. We, foxes, usually live in holes, but I am special - the house of my family is wonderful. I like watching the lake from my window. Different seasons, sunny tree tops and starry sky really amaze me.

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