Lifelong Friendships Between Pets and Their Toys - 10 Pictures

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Toys are an inseparable part of childhood days. However, we might become so fond of some of them that we might keep them even when we are much older. Even if somebody tries to replace our favorite toy with the identical copy of the same kind, we can notice it is different because of the specific texture or smell we are used to. We’ve heard numerous times that animals are very similar to humans in certain aspects, and these cute photos are here to confirm that. Pets take care of their toys in the same way they care about us. Even when their favorite thing is not as it used to be due to a passage of time, they keep loving them in the same way. And if these cats and dogs love their toys so much after such a long time, you can realize how they feel about you even in those days when you are not the best version of yourself.

Dog on the shelf

A shelf never seemed like a better place for sleeping. This clever dog found a perfect spot for his bed and since it is made of wood, it is very promising that it will last for long. Whether in an attempt to draw the attention of his nerdy master or because he just loves that smell of old books, nobody could use this shelf for any other purposes. However, once he started growing up, he couldn’t fit into his favorite spot, be he decided to never leave it and simply sleep in front of it, because no bigger shelf can replace the old, good one. 

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Friends forever

Who said cats and bears cannot be friends? This photo proves it is not true. While her masters are at work, this cat found a great company in the form of a small teddy bear. They can walk around together, prepare a tea party or play hide and seek. And in the case something accidentally gets broken, there is always someone else to blame. The look in cat’s eyes when it’s just a kitten and when it’s a grown cat confirms they are well-known partners in crime

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