If You Could Help These Animals Survive, Would You Do That? - 10 Pictures

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Every time while we read about animals, look at their pictures or watch videos about them, we really enjoy what nature gave us. Just at the time you think all those animals are magnificent and special, let us remember there are species that are disappearing from the planet faster than they are being born. If you could change that, whether you contributed to save many species of unfortunate end? Think about things you can do to change this world and make it become a better place for all of us.

Sleepy Maned Sloth

Of the several types of Sloths that exist, Maned sloth is the only one that has a status of vulnerable animals. He belongs to a group of three-toed sloths, and his life's habitat is Brazil. Although Brazil is a big country, its surface are clearly not in favor of this animal. People extract lumbers that are the natural habitat of these specific animals and thus reduce the number of these species on our planet. Maned sloth lives mainly in the eastern part of Brazil. Are you maybe a resident of this area? What can you do to contribute this animal restore the population?

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An Impressive Jaguar

Large Cats always fascinated us with their beauty and power. Do you feel sorry when you hear that some big cats are Near Threatened? Exactly Jaguar is one of these animals, and regardless of his domination and appearance, his population is decreasing. Although this is the world's third largest cat, he is not  always able to deal with threats usually caused by people. The reason is again the same, reducing the natural habitat of these animals with an incredibly strong bite. Very often the influence on reducing the number of these animals have people who are not at all merciful when they get an opportunity to earn well. If you are residents of South and Central America, but also of some parts of the North America, did you think about how you can help these really specific types of cats to survive?

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