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So you just brought home your husky puppy from the local dog breeder. You set him down on the ground and after some examination, your husky is drawn to your shoes. He makes his way towards them cautiously and pokes them with his tiny paw. The shoe doesn't move so he then decides to bite it. It tastes a bit funny so your adorable little puppy starts chewing on it.

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Husky Training

Meanwhile you're watching your little husky pup and are just laughing at how cute he looks when he's doing it. In your mind your thinking, well he's just a puppy and he looks so adorable so I'm going to let him do it just for a bit. No harm will be done since his teeth aren't that sharp and he can't really chew up my shoe.

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Husky Training

Well you couldn't be farther from the truth. By letting your husky chew on the shoe, you're encouraging such behavior. By not stopping him you're telling him that it's alright if he chews on your shoes.

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Husky Training

A lot of the times people put off training for later instead of starting it as soon as the puppy enters the new home. This already makes training harder than it should be.

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Husky Training

When you bring your husky home you want to establish the rules right away. If you let your husky puppy chew on your shoes and make a mess in the house because it's so adorable, you're training him that it is alright to do those things.

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Husky Training

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