How Cats Show Affection - 12 Pictures + 1 Video

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6. Breaking into your bedroom

The cat does not understand the concept of privacy. Blinded by love, many cats cannot stand the thought of sleeping separately from their owners. That happens because every cat needs to feel secure, so it chooses only trusted places. So, if you were thinking that it will get on well with some new person in your life, you are wrong! The cat will never “give” you so easily to the other!

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7. Showing its behind to you

Though it's not very pleasant to look at your cat's behind when you are doing something, in fact, this kind of behavior is another way they show affection and trust. The cat will not let anyone be behind its back because the cat is a very cautious creature.

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8. Lying on your computer

Just when you are writing an important email your cat suddenly jumps on the table and decides to walk on the keyboard. Also, the cat often decides that the computer is the ideal place for an afternoon nap. Do you know why it chooses exactly that place? That happens because the cat loves the place where you spend a lot of time. It loves your smell and has become aware of “that thing” that has stolen your free time that you needed to spend together. Cats love to be the center of attention, so this is just another way of telling you: "Hey, look at me! I'm important!"

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9. Spying on you under the bathroom door

The bathroom is the only place you actually have privacy... Unless you are the proud owner of a cat, and then you have surely noticed paws under the door searching for you. This behavior is completely natural expression of love… or it was thinking you just wanted to play “seek and hide”!

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10. Scratching the furniture

It irritates us completely when a cat is looking straight into our eyes while it claws the couch, but it really is a natural behavior by which a cat shows affection. It also leaves a visual trace of their "ownership" and scent on your favorite chair. You need to know that the areas that are most important to the owner are also most important for the cat.

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how cats show affection 10 pictures 10

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