Heroic Hearts of Our Four-Legged Companions – 10 Pictures

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Dogs have long been considered man’s best friends for generations. Their loving and loyal demeanor has proven that they can act as more than just a friend or beloved family member. Historically, there are certain breeds that have been serving as rescue dogs throughout the years alongside their human companion. With their human-like characteristics and natural canine instincts, these breeds have become ideal life savers when disaster or tragedy strikes. Here are the breeds whose heroic hearts and instincts help save lives and keep us safe.

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Dalmatians: Fast & Fearless

The Dalmatian breed is synonymous with firemen and fire rescue. In the present day, we don’t often see Dalmatians on fire calls or on a fire truck unless it’s for a parade or at events related to fun. In the past, Dalmatians served as the guide in getting the horse drawn carriages and the firemen to their emergency calls. Due to their agility and speed, Dalmatians could easily keep up with the horses and would clear the paths for the fire carriages so they could get to a fire quickly. In the present day, the Dalmatian is more of a mascot for firehouses, but their nobility and speed is still as remarkable as it was years ago in helping those in need.

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