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Pets are one of the best things that you can have at home. Animals have been said to have a relaxing effect on humans. Pets tend to take out the stresses that people typically get from long days at work. If you are in search of exotic pets to take care of at home, then coatimundis will be a great choice for you. Coatimundis are really charming and lovable. These animals are really good pets since they love getting a lot of attention and affection from their owners.

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Coatimundis As Pet

Baby coatimundis are typically born during the late parts of summer and during the spring season. One of the greatest things about these animals is that they can quickly be pulled out from their mothers as early as the age of three weeks. During these times, they can already be bottle fed. When they are pulled out from their mothers, they are typically checked by a veterinarian so as to detect certain health issues; to have their claws and canine teeth removed; and to have males neutered. Whenever breeder males are needed, baby males are often left with their mother up to six months of age before they are weaned. This is mainly because it is often not advisable to raise breeder males with bottle feeding as to the reason that this will cause them to have a huge possibility to be aggressive with females when they become mature. When coatis get the chance to nurse with bottles and become active, they tend to want to be near their owners all of the time. These things are really cute and they often follow people wherever they go. During the age of three months, coatis can be fed with food and by the time they reach the age of six months, they can be weaned from bottle feeding all together. However, one intriguing fact about coatis is that they still reach out for the bottle whenever you try bottle feeding them.

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Coatimundis As Pet

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