2020 Guide to Basic Cat Owner Responsibilities

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Another important factor is the grooming of cats. Although cats are known to groom themselves, it is imperative that you provide them with assistance. More attention is needed for grooming overweight cats, long-haired breeds, and aging felines. Some overweight cats have difficulty reaching their lower back portions, including the area beneath their tail. For long-haired breeds, regular brushing is needed to maintain their luscious locks. Senior cats, on the other hand, tend to avoid grooming because of arthritis and some forget this process due to dementia or Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS).

Brushing your pet's hair is beneficial to remove dirt and spread the natural oil produced by their bodies. Brushing also prevents their fur from tangles and matting. Once a week will suffice for short hair while everyday brushing is needed if your cat has long hair.

Bathing should also be done regularly, but outdoor cats do require more frequent showers. To make bath time enjoyable, it is recommended that you introduce your cats to baths at a young age. Having them enjoy this session will be beneficial to both you and your pet. You will have an easier time, and your cat will not feel stressed out. If you are unable to perform grooming, it is recommended to look for mobile grooming or those that offer home services to lessen the stress on your cat being in an unfamiliar environment.

Behavioral Problems

If you notice behavioral problems with your cat such as aggression, house soiling, scratching, or any abnormal behavior, it is best to address it immediately. Consult with your vet to eliminate specific diseases as the cause of the problem. Professionals could also help assist in providing steps for discouraging bad behaviors in cats.

Having a cat as a companion or part of the family is an exceptional experience. However, we must remember that we have responsibilities to ensure the safety and well-being of our feline pets. You have to consider your cat's unique personality, health, and age in choosing the right diet for them. Grooming and wellness checkups are also necessary together with their vaccines. It is also imperative to spay or neuter them as well as have a microchip implant on your cat. With all these said, ensuring your cat's happiness and health will also ensure that you relish their company for longer.

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