Growing up With Most Unusual Friends – 12 Pictures

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The civilized world got used to the cats and dogs as the most common pet friends of children. But what about kids in savannas of Africa, Asian steppes, and Amazon rainforests? Who are their playing partners? It is hard to believe, but in another part of the world kids play with monkeys, sloths, elephants, and even cheetahs!

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The story of a real Mowgly, Tippi Degre, is really amusing. Tippy is a famous girl, born in 1990 in Namibia. Her family was French, working in the African national parks. Both of her parents – Robert and Sylvie - were wildlife photographers, so Tippi was raised in the wild nature, thinking that animals are her best friends. She had no fear and the animals appreciated that. They let her touch them, climb over and easily play with them. On this photo Tippi is showing her affection to her 28-year old elephant mate Abu, who she always called “my brother”.

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