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These remarkable animals were almost extinct 150 years ago, but today they are one of the main attractions of the Seychelles. They can be as long as meter and a half, weight up to 250 kilograms and they have an armor strong as a rock. This is not some kind of a new military weapon, nor is any extinct animal, but a large turtle Aldabra from Seychelles.

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Giang Turoise Aldabra

Giant turtles can now be found at only two locations in the world: Galapagos Islands and Seychelles archipelago. Eventhough they are very similar, they’re completely different species. Everyone heard for those in Galapagos, but Seychelles ones are not as familiar. Pirates who ravaged the Indian Ocean were literally devouring them. They were able to withstand the board for nearly six months without food and water, unlike some other animals, so that they were best suited for long trips without entering the port. Today they are protected species, and most of them can be found on Aldabra atoll, home to more than 150.000 of them. Their shell is dark gray or black and resembles a high cupola. They have stocky and very strong legs to support the great weight. Adult turtles can be truly enormous. Females are generally smaller than males and reach a length of 90 inches and weight around 150 kilograms. They are also recognizable by their long neck. It helps them eat from slightly higher branches.

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Giang Turoise Aldabra

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