Friend I Can Rely on - 12 Pics

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6. When you fall, a true friend will pick you up

Be careful, little hamster, not to fall! But even if you fall, your faithful friend, your golden dog will keep you safe. Because he's your friend.

Author: Emma Winter , Description: If little hamster falls, it will know who is his true friend.

Author: Emma Winter

7. A real friend approaches us when everyone leaves

Gray kitty, don’t be sad! Your black kitty will always be there for you. Maybe it will be the only one, but it will be there.

Author: Stacey Lynn, Description: Grey kitty came to the black kitty as a real friend and has relied on it.

Author: Stacey Lynn

8. A friend will put you on the ground so you don’t fall

Puppy, you are very inexperienced and very self-confident sometimes. In time, life will teach you that you have to be patient, intimate and moderate in everything. Do not be angry with a friend if he drops you down a bit at some point. That's for your own good.

Author: Bethany Gilmore, Description: Big dog will drop its real friend, the little dog, on the ground.

Author: Bethany Gilmore

9. A true friend is not on Facebook, but in the heart

Being a Facebook user means having a lot of friends. Only two decades ago we did not have any friend like that. Where were they, where were they hiding? My grandfather only knew about friends with whom he could hug. Real and tangible friends. Just like these two lovely kitties are hugging. His friends still mention him today and keep him in their hearts.

Author: Taylah Hall, Description: Two grey kitties are not friends on Facebook, but real friends in the heart an can rely on each other.

Author: Taylah Hall

10. True friends won’t reveal your secrets, even when you lie down on their feet

A true friend would never reveal your secret, even if someone is bothering him by nibbling his ears, dragging his mustache, lying on his leg until his leg grows numb ... A true friend will not reveal your secret even then! Look at this little cat and you’ll understand - how could someone so sleepy reveal a secret?

Author: Tasha Wells-Chacon, Description: Black cat relying and laying on the White cat’s leg as a real friend that will never reveal its secret.

Author: Tasha Wells-Chacon

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