Exotic Family Is Growing All the Time – 11 Pictures

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It is said that all happy families resemble one another, but sometimes this is not a rule. Some families are a bit different and their achievements are worth to be mentioned. This is a story about special friends and a baby.

The Slow Starting

If you see those five animals with beautiful winter caps on their heads, will you think about how did they get together in this picture? Believe it or not, these animals were adopted a long time ago, and they are together thanks to Kasey Boggs and her husband. 

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Who Are These Guys?

The first who came to this family was Roxy, the Toy Fox Terrier and this is how everything began. After that, Jake and Rosie joined, as Boggs realized they love Pit-Bulls after their previous pet, named Nala, passed away due to heart problems. Shortly after, a Rat Terrier named Edith became a part of the family. The cat was the fifth member of this company and dogs were happy to have her around. Her name is Mia.

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