Exotic Animals You Can Keep as Pets – 11 Pictures

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Sebastian from The Little Mermaid

Do you remember Sebastian from the Disney’s movie The Little Mermaid? Yes? Well, in that case, you should look at this cutie. Its name is Hermit Crab and it is easy for keeping in the aquarium. Before you decide to have this pet, pay attention to its needs because its natural habitat is the sea and it needs precisely planned care and requires high levels of humidity.

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Flower Bear

All of us agree that the place of living for wild animals is their natural habitat. All of them need to live in the places they were born. Modern times brought a lot of cruelty and sometimes, a better solution (in order to keep them from extinction) is to move them from their original habitat. The Kinkajou or the Flower Bear comes from the raccoon family, from the rainforests of central South America. It is highly vocal animal and very social, so if you want to keep it, be prepared for constant noise.

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Mini donkey

The following animal is for sure the favorite animal among children. It is known that they are stubborn, but at the same time very funny and joyful to own. Males are called “jacks” and females “jennets” or “jennies” and because of their long lifespan (up to 35 years), they become more and more popular to own.

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Pygmy Goat

These gentle but at the same time very responsive pets to own love to live in pair with its own kind. If it is possible, getting a couple is the best solution for their health. They are so small that they can fit a normal size bag. These energetic bombs are not so easy to follow, so be prepared for a lot of running, climbing and jumping. They are very popular among children because of their cuteness and size.

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Micro Pig

This tiny, little animal has become very popular in the last few years. Not only because of its size but because of its gorgeous look, micro pigs can be seen very often. The biggest mistake when it comes to them is that people think that they will always stay so small, but the truth is that they can reach well over 100 pounds. The consequence of getting these pigs fat is putting them into shelters and making them unhappy. So, if you're thinking about getting a micro pig, first find out all their characteristics. Putting them on a diet or giving them a lot of food is not good for their health, so you should be aware of it in both cases.

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