Dogs Against Doors - Witness These Wicked Battles - 12 Pictures

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There are many things that dogs don’t like and fear, but probably the biggest enemy they have faced so far are glass doors and windows. Even I have had a few glass door incidents, so after that I have decided not to clean my glass doors anymore. However, when it comes to dogs, not only glass doors can be a problem, but pet doors and regular doors as well and there are many ways in which they try and deal with their most common adversary. Some of them are being extra careful, others are refusing to go through doors at all, but there are also those that never learn. In this article, we will take a peek at some of the funniest and most epic battles between dogs with doors.

 I just like standing here

This dog is so scared of all doors that he can’t even go through the open ones. He just stands there, waiting for some magical force to get him on the other side. He could really benefit from a teleport, but unfortunately, it still hasn’t been invented.

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I told you I can get out!

Well, when you see a dog that is this happy, you can be sure that he accomplished some amazing thing. For instance, this guy was challenged to get out through this small pet door and he is not the one to back down from a challenge. As you can see from this picture, he managed to do what was asked, albeit in a slightly different manner than expected.

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