Discovering the Smell of Spring - 10 Pictures

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Animals are true lovers of nature because it’s their natural habitat. From baby animals to grown-up ones, in spring they can be seen sniffing, enjoying and resting in nature.  With spring come fresh, sunny mornings, and fragrant flowers that revive all senses. Spring is the time of new beginnings for many animals. Many animals hibernate in winter and wake up in buzzing spring.

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Donkeys are becoming new pets

No matter what kind of animal we talk about, colors of spring make every animal happy. This donkey is a kind of domesticated horse family Equidae. The first donkeys were first domesticated 3000 years BC in Egypt or Mesopotamia. Nowadays, donkeys can be often seen as pets because they are lovable and intelligent. Some of them are also kept as working animals and the biggest number of them can be seen in the United States. They like living in nature and don’t like rain and the wind. That’s why people often put them in a stable at night and let them to a pasture during the day to graze.

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