Day in a Life of Cutest Furry Guy – 11 Pictures

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Being a chinchilla doesn't necessary mean you will not be loved as a pet. We agree some people are not in a good mood to keep animals other than cats and dogs in their house, but that is not always the case. Some chinchillas are just lucky, and they enjoy all the luxury in their lives.

Let Me Introduce Myself

It is not hard to introduce someone if half of the job is already done. Yes, you are right, this is Mr. Bagel, a cute little pet that will come into your life like a blessing, and stay there as long as you like. If you even need a lovely dose of daily cuteness, you can find it at his Instagram profile whenever you need him to make you smile.

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Fragrant Flowers

When you see this cute animal around the flowers, you might think of Bagel as if he was very calm and quiet chinchilla. Are you sure your thoughts are right? What if you are wrong and at the end, we find out he's not really such an angel?

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