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The most beautiful expression is the one when makes things around by its will. The most beautiful landscapes, colorful sights and the beauty of everything around us arise thanks to nature. So, the same is with animals. Nature sometimes plays tricks, and this is how the sweetest creatures are being born. It's not hard for them to be masters of the Internet today.

Meet Yana

This is Yana, one of those who was born to be different. If you look at her from the opposite sides, you might think she has a double face. Isn't this kitten cute? Don't you feel some strange love at first sight? It would be impossible for anyone to feel different, as this young lady can melt anyone’s, heart. 

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The Beautiful Chimera

As you can see, this cat is one perfect chimerical beauty. Her owner is Elizabeth from Belarus. This girl studies and keeps Yana like the most precious thing in her life. When she is not attending classes of architecture at the National Technical University in Minsk, she is with her cat. 

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Between the Pumpkins

This kitten likes to play, like all other little kittens. Being among the pumpkins can be a quite new experience for animals, as their intense color can keep attention for a long time.

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How Did Yana and Elizabeth Meet?

Well, like all big loves start today on the social networks and the Internet, the similar was with these two girls. In July 2016 Yana was advertised on one Belarusian website. The name of it was Nasha Niva. This is where Elizabeth found her.

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From a Naughty Kitten to Gracious Cat

Of course, kittens cannot stay little forever. This is how the hero of this story has grown up in a short time and became a beautiful cat. But, she kept the all her authentic marks and a perfect relation between the colors.

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