Cute Dog Bandits That Will Melt Your Heart – 12 Pictures

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When you follow one crazy dog on Instagram, you have a great fun every day. But, what if you can follow a few of them on the same profile? What if you can enjoy all their fantastic adventures and wait for a new picture every day? At that time you should try to find a profile like the one we are talking about here in this story.

Meet Buddy and Boo

We would like to introduce you to two beautiful dogs – best friends forever. On the left, you can see Buddy, fluffy and gentle doggy that is always trying to be nice. There on the right is Boo, an angry little partner that is favorite of many of their fans. Together, they are a team that attracts people to their Instagram page like a magnet, as they have more than 600 thousand followers. 

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Sweet Combination

We would like to start with one of their holiday pictures, which is made on purpose. Well, we are not sure what the real reason was for the dogs to wear these, but you have to admit they are adorable. These suits and ties fit perfectly for this particular occasion, so enjoy while looking at them. 

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