Cats Can Live Happy Lives Indoors - 9 Pics

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Cats today live longer than before. Twenty years ago the life expectancy of a cat was just four to six years. However, today they may live fifteen years or even more. Cats that live outdoor have a shorter life expectancy than indoor cats. Some cats can live twenty years and the oldest cat ever was 28 when it died.

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If you adopt an adult cat from a local shelter and you do not know how old it is, your veterinarian might offer you the best answer. Some clues are their teeth, eyes or hair. As with people, graying varies from one animal to another so you cannot say precisely how old is a cat just if it has gray hair on its face. Sometimes lenticular sclerosis can help determine its age. Thin lines appear on the lens of the eye around the age of six. These lines do not affect vision. The accumulation of tartar and wear on the teeth can help determine the age more precisely. Cats that live outdoors are more prone to viruses, dog attacks or accidents, such as being hit by a car. However, the vast majority of cats can live happy lives indoors, whether they are pedigree cats or random-bred. As long as they are provided with a stimulating environment, they can just watch nature from a safe home without ever feeling the need of going out in the wild.

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