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If you have a cat or several of them in your home and you don't want them to obliterate your furniture, you should think about getting a Cat scratching post or some Cat tree furniture. A good scratching post or cat tree condo with a scratching post built into it, will save you a lot of money and trouble.

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Cat Tree Condo

Kittens enjoy sleeping on or in, a specially built cat condo. Many kitty condos come with a built in house, and a fleece covered bed, for kitties nap time. Some even come with a hammock, so they can swing themselves to sleep. Many people settle on not de-clawing their pet kittens since when you do have their claws removed surgically, the kitten may become very scared of people and can eternally be afraid of people who come to your house. So, a Cat tree condo as described above is a wonderful solution to a widespread problem. When your kitty gets used to the scratching surfaces in the unit, it will leave the carpet and the couch alone.

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Cat Tree Condo

Most people who study feline illnesses and symptoms know they enjoy playing. They also know that cat furniture, especially a cat tree condo, is a wonderful source of playing for the domesticated feline. They can jump, run and play in and around the tree like structure all they want and also use it as a spot to lie down, rest and slumber. Some of the more intricate cat tree condos set aside spaces for the animal to go into and hide. A lot of kittens love to be inside an enclosed space or beneath something so they can be away from view or not out in the open. There are many places to buy your cat furniture online. Some people even like to create their own and you can do so too by finding some cat scratch post plans and making your very own customized cat tree condo.

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Cat Tree Condo

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