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The question I get the most is - what kind of bird IS Caesar?! The answer I usually give is - an extremely cute one! Most people have never even heard of plumheaded parakeets. So their next question is usually about how I decided to get one in the first place (for more information visit Instagram page: caesar_the.plumhead).

The beginning of the story goes back a long way. I had a budgie as a schoolkid and I loved him to bits. He was extremely tame and could talk up a storm. But then he got sick when he was about six and a half years old and we lost him. The whole family was heartbroken and we decided we didn't want to go through that again, plus no other budgie could ever replace our beloved Cira.

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But then one day, about three years later, my father and I went to a pet supplies shop to buy some fish food. The shop keeper came out from behind the counter with no less than a great alexandrine parrot on her shoulder! Dad asked her, just out of curiosity - how long do they normally live? Oh, this little guy will certainly outlive ME, the woman scoffed. It was in that moment that it dawned on me that I could get a bird with a longer life expectancy - and also how much I missed having a bird on my shoulder.

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So I went home, did some research and decided I wanted an Indian ringneck. They seemed fairly available, so I went to a local breeder and asked about them. Roughly 25 seconds later I left the shop, completely devastated. You live in a block of flats and want an IRN? - the man asked. It's up to you, of course, but if you ask me, they're far too loud for apartments, he explained.

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Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that he would say yes the next day when I went back and asked if he had some plumheads around.

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