Blind Goat That Loves Her Costume – 11 Pictures

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If there is a perfect rescue for goats in this world, that might be Goats of Anarchy, a group in New Jersey, led by Leanne Lauricella. This woman has a big heart and a lot of love for all animals that have shelter in her house.

The Sad Story About Polly

Polly is a goat that lives in the house with Lauricella and other animals. She is very vulnerable because she is blind. That is the reason Lauricella pays a lot of attention to her and follows her every need and all her activities. She takes care about Polly like about a child because that is the only way to handle. 

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Why Polly Needs Lauricella So Much?

It is a very simple question why this little goat cannot live without help. Besides the fact that Polly is blind, there are many other things this goat suffers. She is neurologically unstable, and because of that, she does not eat well. The result is evident; Polly is much smaller than other goats of her age. In the end, this goat has a problem with anxiety. Because of all, she needs a protection all the time, like with this blanket on the picture. 

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