Birds Are Really Amazing Parents - 10 Pictures

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Whether migratory, domestic or predatory, birds are famous for their sensitive disposition towards their young ones, familial atmosphere in their nests and loving and creative conditions in which they raise their offspring from babies to grown-ups ready to cheerfully fly, pose in zoos and forests or simply poop on our windows or keep company to the retired on the park benches. Even though we might rightfully opt for a cat or dog when deciding which animal we want as our pet, it is undeniable that this collection of bird parents and their youngsters is absolutely adorable. Moreover, we should keep these photos in our memories for those dark moments when we decide that it is time to wash our window sills.

Circus bird

This bird was definitely creative when deciding where to make its nest. I bet none of you would ever think about putting a baby cradle on a windshield wiper. We can unmistakably call this small bird an acrobat, because the balance it takes to stay on the wiper can be compared to the skills needed in the circus when trying to walk on a rope. In the case this bird is not so much into acrobatics, the only possible answer for nesting here is that it is either a gold digger or a sugar daddy. 

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Sightseeing with mommy

Do you remember the first time when you first went with either your mom or dad around town? This is precisely what is happening in this photo only in the waterland. This mommy swan took her children around and they look as confused as you probably looked at that time. The only question here remains whether they will also get an ice-cream by the end of sightseeing. 

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