Beware! Cute but Deadly Ahead – 10 Pictures

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Wild animals are often really cute and seem pretty cuddly, but you must always remember that many of them can cause you serious harm or even kill you. Don’t be fooled by their innocent and sweet looks because they will certainly attack you if they feel threatened or, in some cases, if they are hungry. So, having that in mind, I have decided to create a list of some of the cutest but also the most dangerous animals you might come across.

1. Slow Loris

This animal is one of a few rare mammals that are venomous, so don’t be fooled by their big eyes and soft fur, because they can kill you in a blink of an eye. They carry their toxin in their elbows, on the side, and they can release it to their mouth if they feel threatened, which means that their bite can be deadly.  Since slow Loris pet trade has become popular in recent years, it is important to note here that you shouldn’t choose these animals as pets since they are being hunted and sold illegally, transported in inhumane conditions with little care for their well-being, which causes most of them to die before they reach their destination. Also, their teeth are often clipped out in order to prevent their venomous bites, usually without any anesthesia or medicine.

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