Pretty Much Everything in Australia Is Trying to Kill You – 10 Pictures

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Some people know it as the world’s smallest continent, some recognize it as the surfer’s haven, but the thing that makes Australia truly unique in the world is its highly peculiar, but also quite deadly fauna. From poisonous snakes and spiders, to highly aggressive birds, Australia is considered to be the home of the most dangerous animals.

Not the largest, but the most aggressive

Although the Great White Shark is the largest brother in family, Australia’s Bull Shark is actually the biggest troublemaker. It is so aggressive that it tends to attack anything passing nearby when hungry. Its diet consists of any living thing that passes through its jaws, and it is even documented that Bull Sharks tend to resort to cannibalism. According to National Geographic, Bull Sharks possess special glands that enable them to inhabit freshwater which makes them especially dangerous for humans who don’t expect to find sharks in local rivers. 

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