Amazing Animals With Superb Traits - 10 Pictures

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People consider that they are one of the most capable species in the world, but when it comes to survival on Earth there are a lot more adaptable species of us. These animals act indestructible, and thanks to their actual superpowers, can truly survive anything.

Immortal Turritopsis jellyfish

This kind of jellyfish can transform its cells from mature state to become young again. After maturing and mating the jellyfish starts its initial cycle of life and becomes immortal. People were always searching for the elixir of youth, and maybe this jellyfish can be our right source for that.

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Space invertebrate

This invertebrate creature you can boil, you can deep-freeze them, you can crush them and they are always going to survive. It’s absolutely impossible to destroy them! It is called Tardigrade and is about 1.5mm long. In 2007 when the satellite went into space, many of Tardigrades were attached to a satellite and survived the exposure to space. These strange looking creatures can survive extreme conditions (from extreme cold to extreme heat).

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