Animals Helping Humans in Most Critical of the Situations - 14 Stories

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6. Cat Saves Couple from Gas Leak

Back in 2007, Trudy was awaken by her kitten around 2:00 am. While she, at first, dismissed it as Schnautzie (her kitten) just being playful, after kitten didn't stop, she realized something wasn't right. The little one was jumpy and was sniffing the air intensely which prompted Trudy to wake her husband up to see if everything was ok. Trudy's husband, Greg, soon realized one of the gas pipes in their basement burst and they were having a serious gas leak. They picked up the cat and ran from the house. Later on, they were informed by the firefighters that the house would have explode in 10 minutes if they hadn't call it in on time, thanks to the kitten's warning. Schnautzie was awarded Purple Paw award from the Montana Great Falls Animal Foundation for saving her owners.

animals helping humans in most critical of the situations 14 stories 6

7. Golden Retriever Saves Boy from Cougar

That day started as usual for a 11-year-old boy from Canada. He went to his backyard with his best friend, Golden Retriever named Angel to get some firewood. While collecting firewood, he noticed something that wasn't as usual - Angel was acting weirdly, sniffing the air and letting out low growls. Before he managed to turn around, he was pounced by a cougar. While cougar was still in mid-flight, Angel ran in front of the boy, absorbing the hit and then started the desperate fight to defend his 11 years old buddy. Luckily, there was a police constable nearby who shot the cougar few minutes into the fight and saved little boy and his dog. Aftermath of that conflict for two friends was pretty amazing, considering what they had gone through. The boy was unharmed while Angel had several pretty deep injuries and bite marks. Veterinarian who took care of him said that it was perfect timing for policeman to show up, because otherwise cougar would make quick work of Angel.

animals helping humans in most critical of the situations 14 stories 7

8. Golden Retriever Saves Woman from Choking

45-year-old Debbie from Maryland was sitting in her home one evening, snacking on an apple and watching TV while her faithful Golden Retriever Toby was sitting next to her and keeping her company. Suddenly, a piece of apple got stuck in Debbie's windpipe and she started panicking and choking, falling to the floor. Out of nowhere, Toby did something truly amazing - he started pouncing on her, thus performing some kind of doggie Heimlich technique. It actually worked and Debbie survived what would surely prove to be a fatal situation.

animals helping humans in most critical of the situations 14 stories 8

9. Rabbit Saves Man from Diabetic Coma

Simon Stegall fell in potentially fatal diabetic coma during his sleep. When his wife came home from work, she ignored it, thinking he was just taking a nap after a long day at work. The only one who noticed something was off was his pet rabbit named Lili. She quickly jumped on him and started licking him. After he didn't wake up, his wife realized something was wrong and called for help. Medics who revived Mr. Simon said that timing was crucial, and if she had called them just few minutes later, they wouldn't have been able to do anything.

animals helping humans in most critical of the situations 14 stories 9

10. Dolphin Saves Teenager from Drowning

In south Italy, a dolphin Filippo was a well-known attraction, but after this 'mishap' he became a true hero. A 14-year-old Davide Ceci was with his family on the boat when he accidentally fell into the sea. The worst thing was that Davide couldn't swim. His parents didn't even notice that he fell off the boat, but Filippo the dolphin was already there, pushing Davide up to safety. When the parents finally noticed their son was missing, and the boy and the dolphin were close enough to the boat, Davide's father grabbed him and pulled him out of the water.

animals helping humans in most critical of the situations 14 stories 10

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