An Adorable Cat Whisperer – 10 Pictures

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Some people have a special connection with animals. The bond they have with them is something special, the relationship that other people cannot understand or achieve. Sometimes, children are those who have been chosen at the moment of their birth to devote their time and love to the animals and get the same back. Now we are telling the story about a little girl whose parents call her a cat whisperer.

A newborn baby arrived

We don’t know her name and place where she was born, but we are aware something more important. From the moment this girl was born, she got an inseparable friend - a small kitten to grow up together with.

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Let me stay close

The kitten was also a baby when she came to the family, but she already made her choice. The kitten knew that the girl is going to be her best friend forever. This is why she was always somewhere around the baby. She was sleeping together with a baby and playing with her when she was awake. 

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Growing up together

And while these two girls were growing together, the difference became visible. The kitten became a beautiful cat, while a girl was still a cute baby. Now the cat can serve as a pillow, and she likes to be in the service. 

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Playing together

However, the time came that girl was a bit bigger and ready for adventures on the floor. The cat was her company all the time, showing her love through the games. The girl’s dad said that cat was so very connected to his daughter and he wasn’t able to explain the reason. 

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