Amazing Intelligence in Animal World - 10 Videos

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Elephants are cunning

Elephants have the largest brain of all mammals, which we had an opportunity to find out in one of our previous articles. They are equally successful as chimpanzees in recognizing themselves in a mirror, problem solving and using tools. In the wild they use branches for scratching and leaves to drive away flies. Their empathy is amazing. They will become really upset if they see that a member of their group extends the trunk to the wire with electricity, they will protect the dead cubs for days, while the whole group will slow down if they see the skeletons of elephants and spend some time cuddling bones with their trunks. Asian elephants who 'work' at night have wooden bells attached to them, to alarm people if the elephants go into the farms at night. But some of those elephants realized that the bell doesn't ring if they fill it with mud, that's why they can peacefully enjoy bananas.

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Perspicacious like a parrot

Parrots are not only great imitators, they also have a striking feature of solving problems. One of the most famous parrots was Alex, who could pronounce more than 100 words, identify 50 different objects, count out loud to 6, differentiate 7 colors and 5 shapes and understand the meaning of the words 'more', 'less', 'the same' and 'different'. His last words before he died in 2007 at age 32, were addressed to a psychologist Irene Pepperberg, and were: "Be good, see you tomorrow. I love you".

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Pigs love puzzles

Pigs are definitely the greatest thinkers on farms - they are far more astute than horses, cows and chickens. They have an excellent long-term memory and easily cope with labyrinths. Scientists even managed to teach them how to use the joystick to move the cursor on a computer screen, and they have also demonstrated the ability to learn a variety of tricks, from opening the door on the cage to jumping through hoops. Pigs are very cunning, too. If one believes that the other pig went to lunch, it will follow in the hope that it will get a part of the portion, too. On the other hand, if the pig thinks it is being followed, it will deliberately take the "opponents" in another direction, just to get rid of them. Earlier this year, a German pig Moritz became an animal celebrity with the video footage that shows him putting together a children's puzzle.

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Octopus Houdini

Octopuses are so smart that keeping them in an aquarium can be a big problem. In April last year, the workers of the National Aquarium of New Zealand discovered that the octopus Incas sneaked out through a small gap in the aquarium during the night and crossed the floor to the 50-meter-long pipes that led into the ocean. Octopuses easily pass through the underwater mazes and unscrew different packaging made in a way so that children cannot open them. They also love playing. Staff in the Seattle Aquarium accommodated an octopus in an empty aquarium with a bottle which was floating on the water. After a few minutes the octopus discovered that the bottle bounces against the wall and comes back if sprayed with water. The animal repeated this process 20 times - just as a child would throw the ball against the wall and wait for it.

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Man's best friend

Dogs are very good at understanding the intentions of their owners. They can easily read human facial expressions and will follow the owner's look when looking at something. A female border colie from South Carolina, called Chaser, is considered to be world's most intelligent dog. She understands dozens of verbs like 'take' and 'put your paw on', distinguishes names of 800 stuffed animals, 116 balls and more than 100 plastic toys. Even the average dog understands more than 160 words, not counting its name - the same amount as a child that is two years old.

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