Adorable Pups of UPS – 12 Pictures

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Take me with you!

Do not be surprised if you see a dog going for a trip with the postal worker. The owner of this little fluffy guy decided to let him on a tour around the city. The look on his face is priceless and looks like sayin’: “Take me with you, I’ll be obedient, do not worry!”

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This cat has really gone mad and wild when she found out that there is the page of UPS only about dogs! It would be better for the driver not to get out of the truck until making the FB page about friendship between postmen and cats.

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Making a special relationship

Maybe you won’t believe it, but the relationship between dogs and postal workers can be something really huge and surprising. When they run into dogs all the time and every day - that creates a special bond for both. All the dogs on the specific route become excited because they know who those postmen are and why they’re there. Sometimes dogs feel so comfortable with those drivers that they even bring toys and beg for some playing.

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What a lovely postman!

Here is one last package to deliver! And what do we have to say about this cutie? His postman suit is really incredible!

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Meet one more star of UPS! This dog is called Walker and that day he was helping the driver Chad Bolskar. The day when this picture was taken, these two fellows were delivering packages to Veterinary Hospital in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Walker likes to see Chad and even helps him to carry small parcels. He even got his own postman suit and has struck a pose for this photo shoot.

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