A Cute Visitor of American National Parks – 14 Pictures

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How many of us were able to visit all 59 National Parks of the United States in our lives? If there are such people, they are rare and lucky in their lives. But, what is a chance for an animal to visit all natural beauties and put a stamp on each place by taking a photo in front of the signs? Although this opportunity is almost equal zero, if there are real thinking parents who enjoy in adventures, the miracle can happen.

Somewhere in the Rock Canyon

This beautiful story started in 2014 when Cees proposed that Madison. As a young couple they decided to start an adventure, and soon the group of travelers has grown. Their wish was to explore all national parks in the U.S., and somewhere in the Rock Canyon, they met a kitten. The cute animal was standing like a snow leopard, and they named him Vladimir. 

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The race can start

We might think that with a good van the race can start, but is that necessary? Our actors look more like they're in a mood to enjoy, together with Vladimir. With their Vie, which means life in French, they did great things and some of those we will share here. Of course, we asked these guys for permission, and we were happy to get it. Unfortunately, only tiny part of their trip can be mentioned here and more info you can find on their Instagram page, or directly on their blog.

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