7 Reasons Why Some Dogs Stink

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#5 Does Your Dog’s Mouth Smell Too Strong?

Logically, your dog’s mouth isn’t going to smell minty-fresh when he leans over and licks you. However, the smell of his breath shouldn’t knock you out either. If your dog is healthy and he has a clean mouth, his breath shouldn’t be too smelly. The only thing you should smell is his dog food if he has just eaten.

If your dog’s breath is really bad, you need to get him checked out. The cause may either be poor oral hygiene or something more serious, such as a problem in the dog’s GI tract.

#6 Problems with Your Dog’s Diet

The diet that your dog eats has an effect on his body, on the inside and out. If your dog is eating food that has ingredients that the dog is allergic to, this may cause the dog to be at risk for many illnesses. Some of these can cause the dog to have an odor that is quite unpleasant. One early indicator of this type of problem is if the dog is having skin problems or if their coat is in poor shape.

#7 Your Dog Is Just Being Himself

Some dogs will do everything in their power to make themselves smelly. If they have the chance, some will enjoy rolling around in another dog’s poop just to get that way. Some dogs may decide to eat their own poop, or the poop of their fellow animals. Other dogs think it’s a good idea to bring their owner a rotting animal in their mouth as a gift.

If your canine companion has one of these nasty habits, all you can really do is watch him carefully and restrict his opportunities for him to behave in this manner (and show you how much they enjoy being a dog). If he does happen to participate in these types of gross behaviors, a nice bath or a good tooth brushing should remove the offensive odor.

So, that pretty much sums up the reasons why dogs become smelly. Your dog’s odor is not something you should ignore. Each reason is its own cause that has its own solution. Partnering up with your veterinarian is the best way to make sure that your dog stays healthy, strong and smells as good as he possibly can.

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Author: Saurabh Rana

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