7 Expert Tips to Manage a Cat That Stays Awake at Night and Wakes You up Constantly

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Do Not Skip the Evening Playing Sessions with Your Cat

Playing with your cat in the evening or before bedtime will allow it to burn the excess energy. Try it out for a few days to see if your cat responds well.

Create Kitty-Proof Nap Room for Your Cat

As mentioned earlier, you may need to prepare a room to keep your cat confined during night times. Make sure the room is kitty-proof and has an ample supply of food and water for the night.

Refrain from Punishing Your Cat

Scolding and punishments usually do not work and they can lead to other behavioral problems in cats. Focus on humane ways to train your cat to calm down at night without creating a stressful situation.

Never Feed Your Cat at the Middle of the Night

The last thing you want to do is incentivise your cat for waking you up. If your cat knows that it’s going to get food after waking you up it’s going to continue doing that every night. Instead, feed your cat right before going to bed so you know its tummy is nice and full.

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