7 Expert Tips to Manage a Cat That Stays Awake at Night and Wakes You up Constantly

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If you are like most people, you work hard during the day and get home tired and sleepy. A goodnight’s sleep is essential for you to remain functional the following day. However, if you have a cat that remains wide awake at night then you have a problem in your hands. A peculiar nocturnal behavior of cats is to paw their human parents when they are sleeping. Sometimes for food, sometimes just for fun and attention. Even if your cat has the sensibility to not wake you up when it’s busy playing Batman, it can be unsafe for a cat to run wild unsupervised. To help you achieve uninterrupted sleep and keep your cat safe, the following are 7 expert tips to manage a nocturnal cat.

Master the Art of Ignorance

Responding to your cat’s midnight shenanigans is only going to encourage it to continue this behavior. Stop incentivising this behavior and refrain from offering a reaction. If your cat is constantly waking you up, it’s best to keep it confined in a room (more on that later). Even if you wake up, try and go back to sleep without interacting with your pet. Any positive or negative reaction can end up reinforcing this habit.

Keep Your Cat Busy During the Day So You Can Sleep at Night

Even if you don’t have the time to play with your cat during the day, you can do a few things to keep it busy.

Catnip toys can work really well in keeping your cat engaged while you are away at work. Buy automatic toys that turn itself on at certain periods during the day. There are quite a few of them out there, so choose carefully.

Do Not Rule Out a Medical Problem

Night-time restlessness in cats may be a sign of underlying health problems. This is more common in cats who suddenly develop a nocturnal problem. Among many health issues, hypothyroidism can be the culprit behind your cat’s nocturnal behavior. Rule out any health issues by taking your cat to the vet’s office for a thorough physical.

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