5 Cat Myths People Still Believe In

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The cat is a very misunderstood animal. Here are the top 5 facts about cats that most people still believe to be true:

1. Cats Can See In The Dark

Amazing Cat Facts

A cat has vertical pupils that expand to let him see in near darkness. He has about thirty whiskers which help him find his way around at night, even in strange surroundings. But he is not endowed with special eyesight that can enable him to see in absolute darkness.

2. Cats Are Surefooted, And Always Land On Their Feet

Amazing Cat Facts

Some children, believing this piece of folklore, delight in dropping Puss from heights-like out of the window-just to prove it is true. But it is more often false. Puss ends up with broken legs, or neck, and it is too late to say “Don’t believe everything you hear!” It’s true that cats are the most agile, surefooted, graceful animals in the world-most of the time. But they can also knock over lamps, send coffee cups flying, and fall off chairs. They can end up with broken bones in short falls, especially when they are kittens.

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