12 Photos of Fast and Cheerful Squirrel Sue

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1. Hello, I'm a city squirrel Sue

I got this short name because I’m fast and nippy. Names such as Cleopatra or Eleanor are for a different kind of girls, though. I live in a city park, but most of my cousins live in a forest near the village. I often visit them in the summer, because it became terribly hot in the city. Since many big trees have been cut, there is no more deep shade, so I can’t go out for most of the day. I am seriously thinking of buying an air conditioner. And our park used to be the most beautiful in the summer. It was so vivid...

12 photos of fast and cheerful squirrel sue 1

2. I adore the greenery of my park

Children used to play in the shade of the trees, old people used to relax on the benches and there used to be plenty of food, at least for us, squirrels. I don’t like the new look of the park at all, but what can I do. It’s still my home. Cousins invited me to come to them, but I couldn’t do that. I got used to people - to Mary, the ice cream seller, John, the guy who arranges beautiful roses and bushes, to couples in love, cheerful kids… But I have to admit that there are fewer and fewer people in the park, just like trees. There are no more children running through the grass and playing with a ball, no more couples lying on the grass. Unfortunately, some people took care of making so many concrete paths, lanes, walls and even completely concreted parts. I wish they haven’t done that. They didn’t have to make that much effort and spend all that money on us, squirrels. John is already doing a great job! And if shoes get a little dirty, it’s not the end of the world, right?

12 photos of fast and cheerful squirrel sue 2

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